The Final Sacrifice


Our MST 3K Spotlight this time is The Final Sacrifice. It's an          import from Canada and it's science fiction...boohoowhahaaa!!!

     In The Final Sacrifice, a boy named Troy goes looking for the explanation to his father's death.  While rummaging through his dad's old things, he comes across a map to a lost city.  At the same time, cult members led by the murky voiced Satoris come after him looking for the map.  Troy escapes and meets Zap Rosdower (Yup, "Zap Rosdower").   He's not exactly who I would call if I needed a hero but.....  Satoris' plans are foiled with the help of Pipper, the most grizzled man ever, and Troy lives on to forever live with his mother.

     The theme of Hockey Hair runs rampant through this episode and I laughed every time it was mentioned.  It even becomes a contagious disease at Castle Forrester and on The SOL.  Mike didn't get it though because he had it when he was a kid.  This is a great episode and one of our favorite Sci-Fi Channel shows.

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